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    Barry Luft
    Barry Luft's singing has woven rich, colourful threads into the fabric of folk-style music in Alberta for more than fifty years.

    Barry presents Canadian, British and American songs and ballads with instrumental accompaniment or a cappella arrangements. He engages his audiences in these musical performances and gives a healthy lift to minds, hearts and voices. Good times leave good memories!

    Much of Barry's material is unusual and refreshing. It comes from sources across North America and the British Isles and is seldom known in the everyday music scene. For example, in his repertoire are songs learned first hand at guitar and music camps.

    A variety of instruments perks up Barry's performances and his intricate style on the five-string banjo is his trademark. He was taught at age five to play the harmonica by his dad. Other instruments now include guitar, autoharp, English concertina, and Appalachian dulcimer. However, to this day, Barry claims he's not able to read music well enough to hurt his playing.

    Professional recordings to date are:
    1. House Concert (recorded live)
    2. Flower in the Snow
    3. Songs of the Iron Trail
    4. Lean a Little (first solo recording)
    5. Home Brew (with the folk group Ceard)
    6. Folksinger's Fire (latest solo Cd)
    In the fall of 2013, Barry was featured along with seven other Calgary folksingers in a project called "The Calgary Collection". Each musician is interviewed and each presents couple of songs. Click on www.thecalgarycollection.ca
    CBC National Radio has featured this material frequently and listeners continue to make inquiries and requests for CDs or cassettes.

    Although Barry makes thematic presentations of topical material to convention delegates, he also participates at festivals, churches, and seniors' programs. Apart from performing and recording, Barry Luft is involved with music as an educator, song leader and instrument instructor.

    Going the extra mile is part of Barry's philosophy and he values the time and organization that makes events successful. Prompt, well-rehearsed and gracious with all kinds of people, Barry always gives excellence. Audiences respond to him with enthusiasm and enjoy being part of the gentle magic he creates with a song. They remember his wry humour and take with them new ways of looking at life.

    For more information and bookings contact Barry Luft: Tel: (403) 287-9969
    Email Barry Luft   write: 52 Deerview Pl. S.E..., Calgary, Alberta T2J 5Y3

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