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    "I wanted to think you so much for the book and also congratulate you for publishing what I think is a really clever and unique little volume. I'm really intrigued by the approach you've presented. Your book has inspired me to pick up my banjo again and I also could really use the silent sitting in my life right now. Thanks again for such an inspiring book."
    Lawrence Ball - musician - Calgary

    “It is a wonderful little book, and is presented in such an interesting way. I would never have thought of it! I love the meditation piece and the trying out so many different tuning possibilities, everything just a little bit at a time, a great way to keep people from getting overwhelmed. I have a check in an addressed envelope to put in the mail for another copy.”
    Laura Smith – Bellingham, Washington

         “I am the lucky recipient of a unique new instruction book The Silent Banjo. This is not your typical instruction book. Every day has a message to consider and the book draws you in with 15 minutes of meditation. That’s the tough part, but the hidden truth in this for me is being patient as all good things take time. This step calms me down and readies me for the next step which is getting into a specific tuning (one of 21 presented).
         The author has provided both clawhammer and 3-finger picking measures and I am now motivated to visit all my previously collected tabs – hidden gems - in the same tuning of the day.
         The author Barry Luft, folk performer, educator and motivator has provided a book with content that is simply invaluable. I will visit and revisit these lessons for years to come.”
         Michael Rainey, banjo player – Calgary, Alberta

    “Yo Barry! Thanks so much for The Silent Banjo. What a great idea. I’ve been enjoying taking a meditative approach to my practice, as well as exploring new tunings.”
    Tom Rawson – Eastsound, Washington

    “I received The Silent Banjo book last week. I love it! Thank you for the time you took into creating this gem. It must have been a ton of work.
         I started on August 15 with the beautiful open Dm tuning, though I must admit that after playing the tab three times as recommended, I couldn't help but continue on and create some nice improvisations on my own". Warning: this book might be highly addictive! But it will be sure to improve your love of the banjo :-) Thank you Barry!"
    Joanne Does, London, Ontario

    “Hey there Captain,I just finished your book,The Silent Banjo that I bought at the FAMI August Camp, 2019.I only missed 2 days of practice which I carried on with the next day.A very good book,it made me practice everyday(except those two days I missed) and I found that the tunings with the different fingering on the strings in some cases gave very beautiful sounds and some very unique sounds.I thoroughly enjoyed your book and like I say it made me practice everyday. Thank You,
    Charles Juurlink”

    Welcome 5-string banjo players to this unique instruction book - The Silent Banjo. How great it is to play the banjo! I believe that the 5-string is one of the true mystical instruments in our world and the presence of the high drone string surely puts it in that category.

    The daily routine contained within these pages lasts about eighteen minutes in total. The exercises are meant to not only get the fingers developing or maintaining their movements in various tunings on your banjo, but to open the door for getting in tune with your inner artist. Hence, there is a major meditative component in each session. In fact, 90% of the time is devoted to this age-old tradition and discipline of silent sitting where you simply sit with eyes closed (or half-closed) and just be still. (Another name for this practice is contemplative sitting.) Your job is to trust this silence as you quiet the outer world and allow your inner essence to bring you artistic growth.

    Admittedly, the kind of instruction given in this work is not the usual fare for banjo lessons and when you go through these pages as a daily routine, you are strongly encouraged to give up being attached to results. Ironically, the more you move away from this attachment, the better a player you will become.

    Now it’s time for you and your banjo to launch into an adventure!

    Happy playing,

    Barry Luft
    Banjo Player and Instructor

    Pick up your copy locally for $20, please call to arrange pick up day and time . . . 403-287-9969.

    To order by postal mail send cheque or money order in the amount of $25 (U.S. or Cdn funds made payable to Barry Luft) - includes shipping costs - to address below:

    Barry Luft, 52 Deerview Pl. S.E., Calgary, Alberta T2J 5Y3

    For more information and bookings contact Barry Luft: Tel: (403) 287-9969
    Email Barry Luft   write: 52 Deerview Pl. S.E..., Calgary, Alberta T2J 5Y3

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