F-PROT Anti-Virus Software

My first experience with Anti-Virus software just happened to be with F-PROT and it was waaaay back in the early days of Windows 3.1 . . . . before the internet became public. I recall having used F-PROT to scan a floppy disk that was given to me and was very surprised when F-PROT found and removed a virus.
     At that time, before the internet, the risk of virus infection was relatively low and for a while I lost track of F-PROT and ran my computers without anti-virus protection. As the web developed and I began to explore it more frequently I recognized it would be prudent to run AV software but could not find F-PROT.
     The tech instute where I was working at the time ran one of the big popular AV packages so I thought I would try it out. I was immediately dissapointed with my new purchase as it declared itself "out of date" as did the so-called update I installed after enduring some rather poor customer service. I managed to find F-PROT shortly after and have used it ever since.
     A few of my clients had been running the other big name AV software until such time that they suspected a virus infection and brought their machines in for me to service. Upon running F-PROT, virus infections were detected that the big name software failed to detect.
     I now have a policy where I will not service a computer unless the owner agrees to install an up-to-date licensed copy of F-PROT.

Keypoints to consider when purchasing AV sofware:

My advice . . . as a computer technician, F-prot is the best AV software you can have, they have been in the business since before Windows became a household word. I have had a number of bad experiences with the two other most popular AV software packages. F-prot has worked flawlessly for me for the last 12 years.

Wouldn't you prefer a time tested product?

If you want better protection for your computer and files then purchase F-prot. If you would like more details about my experiences with the other AV software packages please feel free to email.

Dave Fisher